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You make my heart shine when skies are grey

Last week I shared live on Facebook, change starts with being aware. I shared a funny activity to do… “put your other leg in your pants first”. It got quite a response.

Today I am sharing my desire to change, it has been innate within me since I was young. I was always rearranging my room, bargaining with my sisters to swap wardrobes, position in the room and even beds, thankfully they agreed and we swapped, only to do it all over again. Ask my boys, I am still doing it today. They often come home and their bed is in a different room. Pioneering, breathing life into dreams and breaking new ground, is my calling and it looks different to everyone, what’s your desire.

Social media only enhanced communication, the desire to communicate never changed. The format just got quicker, from stones, paper, telegram, emails to texts. Who, in all honesty, would still like to be using stones, it was only available to the few and took time, now communication is available to everyone, some would even go so far as too much?

Grief, a loss of a loved one, is also a season of change, that too, can be long and hard, but is often rewarded with the birth of the next generation. Seasons can take a day or a generation, but starting, being aware and desiring change can shift your thinking. Is this all there is to life, there can be more and there is.

Walk this day in a fresh way, drive a different way to work, eat something you have not eaten before, (have soft boiled egg, not hard) change is not always bad, we fly to the moon, not walk.

The journey of change does not always mean great moves or shifts in our lives, it is the subtle daily ones that impact us the most.

Sit back, come along with me on a ride into change. Desire change, desire new adventures, desire what is around the corner and look out ahead of you, are you just about there? Do not give up yet, you may be closer then you think.

Notice the air, it is crisp this morning, autumn has brought about a shift in seasons, dare I say it, a change in the weather. As I look out the sun is beginning to rise, the colours of the sky are going from reds, yellows and now as I am finishing, there is a clear blue sky and warm sun, ready to brighten my day. A time for change, whether we are ready or not, occurs every day, the weather, the time and growing up, it is inevitable. The way we respond, now that is a different thing.. That is our choice.

Our choice, the way we think about change, the way we process change enables us to move successfully through life. Change is on the horizon, it is in the air, I can feel it, smell it and believe it can happen, grey days can be turned into sunshine inside our hearts. What can I see, I want it, I can taste it, I am moving towards it. I know things have to change, but with all my doubts lingering, the excitement building and the “I can” becoming greater than the “I cannot”, My dream has stirred, I am on the path of change. There is no turning back.

Now it is your turn, step back, slow down, reflect, look, taste and feel where you are now. Are you shining, you were built to shine. The path your on, does it even look like the path you started on? Journal and take stock of where you are, dream, remember what dreams you had, it is not too late.

“I wanted to dye my hair purple”, “grow it long”, “grow my own vegetables”, “see a play”. Not all dreams need to be big, it is the subtle ones that often disappoint, I should ring my mum and repair our relationship, talk to my partner more or I could learn a new skill.

When what we do, does not align with our hearts desire, then there is conflict, you can change or stay in a state of despair. Often what triggers change, is responding to pain, rather than preparing for change ahead of time.

Bring joy and a sense of adventure back into change, it can be surprisingly easy. Be aware of the life around you, let your dreams stir you throughout the night, there is so much beauty in the sunrise, a fresh new day of new opportunities and beginnings.

Journey with me, let your heart awaken, you were built to shine.

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