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Freedom to PARENT

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Parenting is tough enough, but there is an easier way.

What you may say!

There are millions (I do not think I am exaggerating) of books, websites and even bloggers offering advice, but I hear parents over and over again, but no one has a kid like mine. You are right, not one child is the same, neither are our life experiences or even our parenting techniques. But we do have one thing in common, we have children and all over the world for centuries children have been born and raised.

So why are we so hard on ourselves, that there is no one to help us. There are people to help, I think (being cheeky here), our pride gets in the way and we want instant results. There is a reason our children are children for so long, it gives us a chance to journey with them over time. We set ourselves up to be 'the perfect parent' among our peers, when in fact we are all walking the same journey. PARENTING. Being vulnerable does not come easy, but is a key to raising children.

The perfect family? Whose - Everyone else's, Your's? Or a good photo, set up! Oh the assumptions we make!!!

My tips - to add to the many already available......

1. You are the best parent to parent your child. You were selected by God to raise your child. Just like Mary was chosen, so were you! When we handball our responsibilities to society, computers and other destructive influences we negate our responsibilities. We have been given the privilege and honour to raise our children,... embrace it.

2. Parent your children from a perspective of LOVE - not just for them, but more importantly OURSELVES. We need to learn to love and respect ourselves, we are worthy to raise our children. When we are tired, unfit and angry our children get the worst of us, better still, they learn from us when we are hurting.

So why only two tips? Because they embrace life as a whole.

When we believe in ourselves, that we are worthy to parent our children,

things do not seem as hard.

Do you believe your child can change, better still do you believe you can change? I believe we are changing every day, we are not the same person we were years ago, just take a minute to take stock....... no that was not long enough.. reflect.....what has changed? Then it is possible to change again, food for thought.

When we are well, looking after ourselves, again in my head I hear you saying, but you do not know what I am going through, you are right I do not. But I do know that you can make a choice right now, to change that! WHAT! No, I cannot! You really do not know!! again you are right. But you are already making choices.. THE FIRST ONE - I cannot change, these things are happening to me. Well your kinda right, they are happening to you, but you can choose how to respond.....

Responding to the stimulus around us is fraught with information overload, however, we get to choose what information we respond to and how. But this topic is for the experts, change takes time and energy which empowers us to choose for ourselves - to love one another - to believe in one another - to build relationships with one another. Then we can do life together and not alone, we are built to parent in families and communities, if you do not have supportive people around you, then ask God for someone.

I so love this photo.... life was meant to be easy and fun...TAKE TIME TO LOVE

Parenting is not unique to you, we are all taking part actively or passively in the life of our children. I would encourage you to become proactive in the life of your child, you are truly the most worthy person in their life to bring out the best in them.. TO SHINE their light in a world that needs them.

This blog has been designed to get you thinking about the choices you are making regarding parenting, not to provide all the answers to your parenting needs, I sincerely believe the answers are already out there.

My heart is to see YOU WELL, when we are at OUR BEST, parenting becomes easier.

Do not think so, then jump on board and journey with me through my

FREEDOM to PARENT workshop.

We are built to shine, roar and soar together in community, in relationships that provide a thriving environment to raise our children. The world may be a good/bad place, but we can choose how we respond... my prayer is that it will be IN LOVE.

Be bold and courageous


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