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Monday Morning.. WHAT A DAY!!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

A beaut day I say! I’ve just started my day with a 5km walk, rather leisurely pace. No-one to walk with..😥 I was contemplating what most people would be doing on a Monday morning. So here’s my take.

I do not like Monday’s, it is to early to get up, I cannot wait for the weekend and it is only Monday. Do any of those ring true with you? Then what I am about to say, will stir up even more emotions..Are you ready to be challenged?

What if I said .. do everything without grumbling..well someone else said it before me. It was written by Paul in Philippians, regarding living the ordinary life - extraordinary with the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Phil 2:13 Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.

If you answered, but what choice do I have? You do not know my circumstances, you do not know what I have done to get here, I cannot change anything, this is my lot. Then I would say, you are doing great! You are alive and have achieved what you set out to achieve. Do not believe the lie that you are NOT choosing every day to do what you are doing. You are! Even if you do not like it.

So what is the answer, firstly there are experts in this field everywhere and they are worth the read.. Setting yourself up for change is not a new thing and it is possible. People do break free. What is it you want? Read about it. Talk about it to a trusted friend. The answer is out there and you do not have to do it alone, take someone with you on the journey.

Whilst I was out walking I discovered (actually a while ago) that I power up hills, why, I like a challenge and grit my attitude and step into the hard place. It is not what everyone likes, but that is what makes me shine, and I used to hide from this, now I know that I do change well and rise up to challenges and I step into this place. What makes YOU SHINE is unique to you. You are “Built 2 ShineYOU, not what others expect of you, but what is unique about you. What do you do easily without even thinking about it, have you ever stop to notice that no one else is doing it, or even likes doing it. My sister and I are a great team, I cook, she cleans, we do not fight about it because we know what we are good at and we both get to SHINE. What I need is someone to walk along the flat ground, every day, because I get bored and this makes up most of our lives. I step out of my uncomfortable bored and seek out adventure, that is where Peter comes into it, he stops me doing the STUPID. So if you do not like walking into hard places or challenges, then grab someone next to you and walk the challenges out together. Our SOF school motto is “if you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far go together”. I want to go far and I want to be able to sustain my race, I run with people alongside me all the time, thank you to those who journey with me, challenge me and even just sit quietly with me and listen. You rock.

So what am I saying this Monday morning, is if you do not like Monday morning, then work out what needs to change, who might need to come with you, start one step at a time and make time to explore new possibilities. Check out some of my live streams...they take you through the process of change.

Monday mornings need to be the best day, the beginning of the week where you shine..

check out my website I run a one-off workshop to explore the possibilities of living out your passion for life.

Stay strong and courageous


We are “Built 2 Shine” together

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