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Saying “Yes” to your dream is harder than you think

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It’s so easy to say No, it takes no committment, not energy, no preparation, no responsibility and most of all no risks.

But what if you are being called to say YES. That takes courage, boldness, may even risking your reputation and worse still, FAILING.

Yet over and over again, I’ve said ‘yes’ and yep failed, yet succeeded. I’ve learnt that I couldn’t always do it on my own, but sometimes with a team of like minded people, we flourished. “Go fast, go alone, go far, go together”, quoting an old african proverb. More importantly, I worked out that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

What do I mean, the higher you set the bar, 3 things can happen, you either don’t try because it’s to high to believe you can do it, you burn out trying or you achieve more than you thought you could.

So heres me, I’ve taken on challenges, risks and participated fully in life’s journey, what an adventure, I’ve travelled internationally, lived in many towns and even raised 4 amazing sons. But I’m on the brink of breaking through, a dream I’ve said ‘yes’ too so many times. This is the biggest committment I’ve ever undertaken. Yet today as I sit here, it’s finally going cost, time, money & even a chance of failing, before it was ‘just’ a dream, now it’s real.

I’m saying “YES”

I’ve devoted and seriously pursued a good part of the past 5 years setting about achieving this dream. I’m not even sure I could handle failing, it’s too deep a dream, spread wide among my family and friends. Even though there will be good and bad days, days where I wonder why I even wanted this dream, I know God is in it. He has been from the start, guiding each day deeper into the committment of say YES.


Being caught betweeen the curtain of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, being tripped up by the enormity of the desire, I know I’m being called to the otherside, to break open and break through the doubts.

The satisfaction of success and fullfilling the dream is a far greater reward now, I can taste it, feel it and touch it, stronger now than the fear of failing. Let’s journey together to the otherside of no and breakthough to the joy of saying YES, your dream is waiting for you, patiently.

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