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Journey into my Dream

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This morning as I reflect on the words of God, being protected under His wings. I find myself sitting under the eaves of my home. The home behind me represents my safe refuge in times of trouble. But today feels different sitting here under the eaves of my home, God caught my attention, I have slowly moved out and are beginning to see the next season is close. Leaving from the security of what I once knew to an adventure of unknown territory. There is a level of excitement and anticipation with what life holds, but also reaching back knowing I am safe in the hands of God.

The other part of sitting here under the eaves of my home, God is revealing that I can see out. The day is fresh, the views are clear, there is a light on the horizon and it is pointing out the day has begun. The birds chirping indicate it is a joyful start the day, it is feeding time and I have started my day by being nourished by the word of God. God was clearly showing me it is time.

The “Word for today”, (Bob and Debby Gass, Sept 09) yes, I’m only 11 years behind, started today’s study with “Friends can hold your hand and cheer you along, but shepherding a God given dream to fulfilment always involves watering it with tears”. I believe that during my time inside my home under the protection of God wings, I have dreamed, planned and done plenty of weeping. The next step of leaving the safety of the eaves is not far away.

As I reflect at the occasions of the past 10 years of my journey, that have led to this point, there has been many testimonies of provision and lonely times of heart aches. Now is the time to soar. Rising above the disappointments of the past, the security of my home and take a leap of faith. Running from under the eaves across the veranda and launching into my dreams, over the garden bed with no where to land, but into the opportunity of a journey, a an adventure and a new season. It’s TIME to journey into my dream.

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