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Journey to a dream - Knowledge for change

My walk this morning took me in an unexpectedly different direction. I set out on a path I knew well, I knew where I wanted to go, I was focused. My current knowledge and know-how of the adventure was researched, and I was set. But I did not know what was ahead of me this day and what new opportunities would arise.

Along the way I was distracted, I came to an intersection, a decision to be made, a choice to make. I became aware of the desire to reach my destination more quickly and efficiently, felt like cutting corners (it was) and I was out for a long walk. On choosing the shorter way (no surprise there), God showed up, I soon discovered this was a path to dreaming freely. He revealed things as I travelled along the path, initially it was quite easy, it was through town, stop lights, wide footpaths, easy. However, it was not long and I found myself without footpaths, wow, this is where the revelation fell.

I was unrestricted, I walked where I wanted, cleared a path, an opportunity to try new things. I found myself invigorated and free. Free to choose, free to make mistakes, not as many people watching on the road less travelled. It was exhilarating, I soon realised I was enjoying my walk, it did not just become about the destination, but the journey. I discovered things about myself, that was encouraging, I am good at this. Trying new things, change - I am built for this. It brightened my day.

But it did not take long before the footpaths came and the destination was insight and I picked up speed. With the flagstaff insight and the end near, I was refocused on reaching my goal. The fun went out of it and I began to concentrate on my footsteps, quickening to get there before I could change my mind and turn back before I got there. I got there. I reached my goal, a flagstaff with beach views, well worth the 5km walk. I was only halfway.

I stopped and admired the view, taking in the breath-taking scene of the ocean and taking the mandatory selfie. However, knowing that my journey continued, the goal and destination had been reached, I needed to turn back and return home. The walk back revealed even more to me.

The road travelled highlighted many different rewards. Firstly, even though I had travelled this road often, I became aware of changes, good ones. The path was wider, safety rails are up, a new viewing platform built and due to the virus, loads of people were out walking. Then I realised that I did not like it, I began walking purposefully, it was too noisy, too many people to dodge, I just wanted to get back. My mind was distracted and the freedom to think was taken up by noise. The path was smooth and easy, my speed increased and I lost all interest in the journey.

Blessing came however, there were people I knew and I stopped for a chat (again no surprise there). The road everyone travels, brings familiarity and familiar people. It brought some refreshment and reminded me that we are not alone on our journey.

I guess what is on my heart this morning, is knowledge can come about on the journey, revelation on a path less followed is empowering for me. It lets my mind go places it has not been before, so I can dream. Using our current knowledge to get to a place we have been or not been before, can get us some of the way. New awareness, desire, courage and knowledge is required to get us to our final goal, which in itself is only part of the way to another goal.

If I was to trust my past (knowledge I already have), that I have been unable to write and was only good at Maths, then I would never have endeavoured to share with you my journey of change, but most importantly, my journey to dream of new adventures. The current way I think and work towards goals has been a hurdle to me. To find a way over has required new thought patterns and acquiring new knowledge, a trust that I can rather than I cannot. My dream to run a retreat, requires new business knowledge and the most scary part is advertising and marketing, going from an amateur to a professional is a mind shift.

The live feeds Monday mornings and these blogs has helped me to discover and become aware of what is tucked inside my heart. Part of the journey is setting up my workshop “Built to Shine”, where you have an opportunity to bring your dreams into the light.

Thank you for Journeying with me, let your heart awaken, you were built to shine. Suzie

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